To go or not to go for free sex hookups

To go or not to go for free sex hookups

Usually, when people hear the words free sex hookups, you will notice that these people will roll their eyes. They have several issues with the phrase free sex hookups. Let’s take the case of free on a quality adult dating site like .

I can see why people are skeptical or suspicious. After all, whenever you say free, people are always going to ask "What’s the catch?". I can’t blame them. You see, there is no such thing as a free lunch. There is no such thing as free sex. And there definitely is no such animal as free money. Somehow, someway, somewhere someone is paying for something. Do you see where I’m coming from?

So, if you go to these free dating sites, you might think that they’re going to somehow someway hit you up for cash. Well, you might just be in for a surprise. You see, most sites that offer free sex hookups don’t ask for cash. Forget about handing over greenbacks. Shocked? Don’t be-these sites require payment in a form that involves something more valuable.

What could be more valuable than the money in your wallet? That’s easy-your time.

You see, your time is so precious that once you spend it on something, it’s gone. You can’t get it back. Money comes and goes, time doesn’t. Once it’s passed, it’s gone. For good. Also, time can be converted into a much wider range of things and activities than money. That’s why it is so powerful and so precious. Be careful of what you spend your time on.

Given this understanding of the value of time, it should now be clear to you why you’re always paying if you join a ‘free’ dating site. Guard your time very carefully. Make sure you only join websites that deliver a decent return on effort. Otherwise, you might be losing out big time.