Their Vanity Our Treat

Vanity is something I have very little comprehension of and it’s probably because I’m a butt-ugly guy 😀 and generally speaking it’a a quality, or a sin as some might say, that I find exceptionally unattractive.

Yes, I said a sin – if you haven’t seen the classic movie called Seven then you should do yourself that favour.

Anyways, it dawned on me quite quickly that when it came to the vanity at this site that all of a sudden I didn’t object and I didn’t find it unattractive either, quite the contrary. This is a bunch of girls who have taken nude selfies of themselves and it has in one way or another ended up on the internet.

I would really not be surprised if in the majority of cases they were actually made available by those in the pics themselves as that would be consistent with the behaviour of exhibitionists, wouldn’t it?

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