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With everyone being so judgmental these days it’s getting harder and harder to make an impression. Just the other day I had a luncheon date with a business client of mine and since I didn’t turn up to it with a beautiful woman by my side I felt like he wasn’t taking anything I said seriously. I’ll admit that I was a little envious when his date turned out to be one of those very beautiful detroit backpage escorts.

He sure wasn’t afraid of rubbing the fact that he had a gorgeous girl with him and I was all by myself. Now in my defense I didn’t think I’d need to take a girl with me, it was just a business meeting after all. But looking back at it there’s never a bad time to make that all important impression and if I did it with a local escort I’m sure it would have worked out a lot better than it did.

I’m not going to dwell in it though, not when I know there’s other hot escorts out there that would be happy to join me for lunch. I might actually make a booking right now since it’s fresh in my mind, getting to know that hot looking girl before needing her for something more important wouldn’t be such a bad idea.